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New Farm Fishery

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New Farm Fishery


Long Lane




Tel: 01270 528213

E-mail: info@newfarmcheshire.co.uk

Developed on the site of a former dairy farm in the heart of the
Cheshire countryside, New Farm Fishery has three well maintained lakes
which offer pleasure fishing for carp and silver fish; a large
camping/caravan park with hard standing 'super-pitches'; a heated
toilet/shower block which is also available for use by anglers; and a
modern clean and spacious Bed and Breakfast annexe with five
well-equipped bedrooms and light and airy dining room.


New Farm Fishery is the brainchild of Mark Rowland who started developing
the venue about eight years ago when his parents gave up dairy farming.
Since then his aim has been to provide quality fishing and accommodation
which will appeal to people who enjoy being in the countryside with the
comforts of being at home.

The two larger lakes were dug in 2006 and are over an acre in size
whilst the third smaller water is a former farm pit which Mark had
enlarged several years before so that he would have somewhere of his own
to go fishing.

The caravan park accommodates 24 touring vans or camper vans on
hardstandings which are equipped with electric hook-ups, water supply
and grey water waste. The site is near the lakes and shower block and is
accessible all year round. Please note that the campsite is for adults
over 16 years of age only.

The Bed and Breakfast accommodation offers five quality rooms which each
have their own en-suite. Modern, clean and spacious, the rooms are
equipped with flat screen television with DVD player and tea and coffee
making facilities whilst the dining room is tastefully decorated and
serves English and Continental breakfasts for B&B residents.

All three lakes are well stocked with a mix of carp and silver fish. The
biggest fish are the carp which run to over 20lbs in the 20-peg Carp
Lake whilst Middle Lake has a good variety of silvers including bream
and tench which run to at least 5lbs.

Mark's Pool is about a third of an acre in size and is a delighfully
intimate water which has carp into double figures, some lovely crucians
to about 3lbs and tench to 4lbs.

A feature of New Farm is that because matches are not allowed, there is always plenty of room for pleasure anglers.

All in all it adds up to a very pleasant venue which is available either
on day ticket for local residents or a modern, clean and friendly place
to stay for a weekend or midweek break or even longer angling holiday.

B and B accommodation at New Farm Cheshire Fishery


In addition to the angling, New Farm Fishery offers bed and breakfast
accommodation in five rooms in a converted milking parlour set in
pleasant lawned surroundings. The accommodation is clean, modern and
well equipped.
For further details and photographs please click here.

2014 angling ticket costs and opening times

Adults (non-residents) Adults (residents) Day Ticket £7.00 (two rods max) £5.00 (two rods max) After 4.00pm (summer) £5.00 (two rods max) £5.00 (two rods max) Mid-week OAP Special * £5.00 (two rods max) £5.00 (two rods max)

Fishing is from 7.00am to 8.30pm in summer and dawn to dusk in winter
(night fishing is not allowed).

* The OAP mid-week special allows fishing from 7.00am until 5.00pm
between September and April.


Carp Lake

Although it is just over an acre in size, Carp Lake has only about a
dozen well spaced hard stone pegs which were installed in Spring 2011.
This gives anglers plenty of space between swims.

With a central island, Carp Lake has a four feet deep shelf along the
far side from the entrance which extends about 14 feet into the lake
before the banks drop off to a flat and even bottom between six and
seven feet deep before rising steeply against the island.

The near bank has sides which drop at about 45 degrees to the bottom, which
is slightly deeper than the nearside bank at between seven and eight
feet deep.

Carp Pool was stocked in 2007 with common and mirror carp which are now
known to run to 23lbs whilst the average size of fish is between 8lbs
and 14lbs. These are all nice clean fish, many of which have never been
caught before because the water is known only to a few locals and a
small number of regular anglers who stay at New Farm for a week's

Another nice things about Carp Lake is that it is not 'peggy' with all pegs produce equally well.

Whilst some of the anglers who have fished Carp Lake use modern carping
techniques, this is not necessary. Many of those who know the lake fish
either the float or ledger with luncheon meat or sweetcorn.

Decent sized chunks of meat between a quarter and half an inch square
work well and tend to pick out some of the bigger fish whilst two or
three kernels of sweetcorn can be equally effective.

As with most fisheries these days, fishing the margins is a favourite,
either on the four feet deep ledge off the far bank or down the slope on
the near bank, whilst fishing towards the island with a ledger also
produces good results. However, in the past couple of years most of the
biggest fish have come from swims in open water.

Whichever technique you choose it pays to feed the swim gradually with a
handful of free offerings at the start of a session and then a few
samples of hook bait throughout the session.

Other baits worth having with you include expander pellets fished over a
bed of feeder pellets, maggots, worm and bread, althougbh anglers
should note that floating baits are not allowed.


Middle Lake

Middle Lake is another water which is just over an acre in size. With a
long central island runing down its spine it has 14 well spaced pegs and
is stocked with a mix of F1 carp to about 1lb 8oz and a mix of silver
fish, including barbel to about 1lb, which means the lake fishes well
all year round.

The biggest fish are the bream and tench, both of which run to a
respectable 5lbs in weight. There are also good heads of golden tench
and golden orfe to about 3lbs, chub to 2lbs and very pretty crucian carp
to 1lb 8oz.

Middle Lake is deepest around the island where between seven and eight feet of
water can be found. Along the entrance bank there is a four feet deep
shelf and another which runs virtually the full length of the long far
bank as you approach the lake from the car park. Much of the open water
at the entrance end gives seven feet of water with the lake shallowing
gradually to about five feet at the far end.

Middle Lake appeals mainly to pleasure anglers out for a relaxing day's
fishing or a few hours by the waterside where they don't know what they
are likely to catch next - and without the threat of being broken by a
big carp.

Because of its depths, Middle Lake is an ideal water for both pole and waggler
anglers with the most popular technique again being to fish either on
the shelves in the margins or out towards the islands where some anglers
prefer to fish a cage feeder packed with free offerings.

Because of the size of the fish anglers do not need to fish heavy tackle
and in most cases a 2lb to 3lb main line with Size 16 or 14 hook will
suffice. As there is plenty of open water and no snags even the bigger
fish can be played out safely without fear of losing them.

Good all round baits on Middle Pool tend to be sweetcorn, maggots and worm
although small cubes of luncheon meat also work well for all species.

When fishing Middle Pool it pays to bait up the swim with a couple of
handfulls of groundbait mixed with hook samples and then feed free
offerings little and often throughout the session.

It also pays to adjust your depth until you find there the fish are feeding.


Mark's Pool

At about a third of an acre in size, Mark's Pool is oval shaped with a
small island and no hard standing pegs, anglers being allowed to fish
wherever they want to on the grass banks of this open water snag free
water. It can accommodate about six anglers in comfort.

Mark's Pool is easy to fish because much of it is fairly shallow with
five feet of water at the pointed entrance end and between four and five
feet of water all the way down the left hand bank as you approach the
pool and just six feet down the right hand side. The deepest water is
about eight feet deep just off the far end of the island.

The oldest of the New Farm Fishery waters, Mark's Pool was originally a
field drainage pit which was filled in many years ago before being
re-dug and enlarged by Mark about 15 years ago to give him somewhere of
his own to fish.

Although fairly small, it is an attractive and intimate water with
plenty of decent fish to catch including mirror and common carp to 11lbs
with an average stamp of between 4lbs and 5lbs. Because these fish have
rarely, if ever been caught they give a good account of themselves when
hooked and are in pristine condition.

In addition to the commons and mirrors, Mark's Pool holds some beautiful
crucian carp between 2lbs and 3lbs and a good head of tench to

Being fairly shallow, Mark's Pool is an ideal pole or waggler water with
most anglers fishing close into the sides or in the deeper water at the
far end of the pool. Once again fishing to the island is also a good
tactic whilst those who find it a bit of a struggle to fish a float in
eight feet of water can again opt to use a small swim feeder packed with

Because Mark's Pool holds only carp and tench it tends to fish best in the
warmer months when the most popular baits are sweetcorn, maggots, soft
hooker pellets and small pieces of luncheon meat.

Again, because there are no monster fish in the water, anglers can fish
on the lighter side with 4lb to 5lb line and Size 14s or 12s hooks for
the carp and 3lb to 4lb line and Size 14s or 16s hooks or even 18s for
the crucians and tench.

Visit New Farm Cheshire on the Net

New Farm has a well designed
and comprehensive website with information and photographs on all
aspects of the venue including the bed and breakfast accommodation,
camping and caravan site, the fishing, testimonials from people who have
stayed there and details of prices.

The site can be found at www.newfarmcheshire.co.uk.

How to get there...


New Farm is situated south east of the historical city of Chester and the
border with North Wales just 15 miles from the M6 motorway.

From the M6, leave the motorway at Junction 16 and take the A500 towards
Chester and then the A51 towards Nantwich. After travelling through
Burford, Barbridge and Calveley turn right off the A51 onto Long Lane
(watch out for New Farm's sign located close to the junction). New Farm
can be found two miles down this quiet country road on the right hand
side. Drivers are advised to watch their speed on the A51 as there are
speed cameras along this stretch of road.

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