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Guide to places to fish in Lincolnshire

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Guide to places to fish in Lincolnshire

Guide to places to fish in Lincolnshire including information on venues, and contact details.

Bargate Drain, Boston

The Windsor Bank section has been fishing very well for roach, skimmers

and decent bream falling to pole and pinkie over groundbait. The

Horncastle road stretch is producing the odd big bream and tench

although this stretch is struggling with few smaller fish.More… Ring

Barry on 01205 871815.

Coronation Channel, Spalding

This large drain has been in superb form especially around Low Road

bridge and the Bailey bridge. Terrific catches of roach to the seed have

been taken as well as good bream catches to both feeder and pole with

worm and caster producing the weights. The colour is slowly dropping out

so look for that tinge in the water. Phone Colin 01775 766042.

Duck Ponds, North Scarle

On the new lake, anglers should catch ide, tench, and barbel and lots of

small stockie carp. There is also a number of carp between 5 and 8lb

being taken. The favourite baits are corn and pellets and meat but worms

and maggots will still take a lot of fish. On the old lake not as many

fish are being caught but they are a better stamp as a rule and it is

mainly carp and skimmers on this lake. Contact: Steve Butt on 07908

646218 for match bookings or info.

Haverholme Lake, Ewerby, Near Sleaford

This twenty four peg lake offers a real challenge as the carp are a real animals and fight like tigers.

It varies in depth form the shallower pegs between fifteen and nineteen

with two to three feet of water to twelve feet of water in some of the

other pegs. Weights in excess of 100lb are frequently taken but the

average size of the fish is about ten pounds so this is not too

difficult if the fish are feeding. The pole, waggler and feeder are

equally effective and with such a variety of tactics and baits, the

anglers are spoilt for choice. Currently corn is the most effective bait

but tares up in the water, prawns, cat meat, paste and floating bread

or dog biscuits can all work very well on their day. The most consistent

pegs are 22, 23, 1, 7 and 11 and usually, pole fishing accounts for

most of the catches. Strong gear and poles are called for with 10lb line

straight through a must plus 20 to 24 elastic. There is also a big head

of tench to five pounds but the majority are about 1 to 2lb, along with

a prolific silver fish population with skimmers, roach and a few ides

to be caught. Stewart Larter, Rushfield, won a recent mid week match at

Haverholme taking sixteen carp for 91lb on the method feeder. There are

different charges for night fishing and two rods and in order to and

more details or book a match. Contact Dave Gash on 01526 832125 or


Hobhole Drain, Boston

Odd bream and skimmers make up majority of the matches held on this

drain. Few roach are currently showing and the need for some rain is

apparent. For those looking for the bream Ings bridge is the place to

head for. Ring Barry on 01205 871815.

Lake Ross, Spalding

Pellet both up in the water and on the deck is producing the best

weights now the big fish in the margins begin to shut up shop as the

colder weather draws in. It is still possible to catch all day when

pleasure fishing with a pellet approach. Phone: Mandi on 01775 761690.

Little Holland Drain

This small drain is still producing fish with carp mainly in the 3lb to

4lb bracket and bream to 6lb. The best area is off the road to the

sluice in the deeper water where quite a number of bream have been

reported. Pellet or chopped worm are producing the best results. Phone

John on 01406 420444.

River Glen

Fish can be seen in their thousands off New Bridge, Jubilee Bridge and

Money Bridge. Many of the roach at Jubilee bridge are well over the

pound mark. Anglers who tackle this area have found these fish are not

co-operating but those fishing chopped worm are taking plenty of Perch

with odd big eels, tench and even chub to 1.5lb. Phone: Colin 01775 766


River Witham, Kirkstead

The river in the Kirkstead area is currently offering some of the best

sport for years. With the absence of any significant weed growth anglers

are able to access and fish the river and there have been some eye

opening catches. Bream, skimmers, perch and eels are dominating catches

at the moment. Contact Dave Ellerker on 01777 228133 for match bookings

or further info.

Rushfield Lakes, Potterhanworth

The main lake is fairly consistent, with plenty of action from the roach

and skimmers with twenty pound plus nets of these species being taken

in a session. The carp often feed up in the water and the waggler fished

with pellets has been the most effective method. The average size of

the carp is steadily increasing with a number of fish approaching double

figures starting to show. The area in the top north corner around peg

25 is the most consistent or on the island between pegs 12 and 17. Some

good tench to five pounds have fallen to corn but larger baits are

called for to avoid the attention of the roach and rudd.

The smaller pleasure fishing lake has been fishing its socks off with

the stockie carp feeding avidly. Contact: Tim Larter on 01522 793 169

for match bookings or further info.

Sibsey Trader, Boston

The trader continues to show no form with anglers struggling for bites

in the recent open match. The winner Steve Gregory of Miracle Baits

found bream at 13m and had nine fish to 4lb for a winning 32lb 7oz,

streets ahead of the runner-up’s 4lb 4oz net. Ring Barry on 01205 871


South Holland Main Drain

The drain provides excellent roach and skimmer sport with Sharpes bridge

and the orchard between Foremans and Cement bridge being the areas to

head for.. Phone John on 01406420444.

South Forty Foot Drain, Boston

This drain is the best bet in the area for a good days sport. The large

skimmers continue to provide good sport to the keen angler. A pinkie or

maggot approach over a groundbait and squatt bed is producing the

results. The Cooks Lock stretch is the area to head for. Ring Barry on

01205 871815.

Upper Witham, Lincoln

This is the narrower and shallower area of the river before it enters

the Brayford Pool in Lincoln has been producing some good catches

between the Laundry Bridge and Firth Rd. Roach have been showing up well

and on hemp or bread punch near Dixon St Bridge. Upstream of Dixon St

Bridge at the back of the flats, Bream to five pound have been taken

along with some big perch and eels with the eels making a significant

comeback on the river. Tench of 5 and 6lb have come from the Syston

Grove area upstream of Newark Road Bridge. Just downstream of the

Laundry Bridge,. Recent weed cutting has made more swims available and

it is an interesting venue as you do not know what you are likely to

catch. Contact Frank Butler on 01522 534 174 for further info or match


Wigsley Lake, Harby

This small but attractive fishery has benefited from a “makeover” and is

currently fishing well. The lake has a good head of carp including some

“zoo creatures” along with rudd, roach, tench and bream. There are a

number of inviting lily beds and rushes to fish to and the fish can be

caught really close in fishing the margins. The pole and pellet or the

waggler and pellet up in the water are probably the most consistent fish

taking methods but sweet corn and paste also account for a lot of fish.

The depth varies from about ten feet at the deepest to two feet in the

shallows. Floating dog biscuits or bread, work well in the warmer

weather when the fish are up in the water. Although there are only

seventeen pegs on the lake they do allow small club matches and the

winning weights are usually around 50 to 60lb. Contact Frank Butler on

01522 534174 for more details.

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