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Check This Out Maver Armageddon SX 16m Pole

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Maver Armageddon SX 16m

When it comes to quality poles, Maver is up there with the best. Having said that, the sub-£1,000 pole market’s a tough ’un, and to produce a decent 16m package like the Armageddon, which costs a penny less than £700, is a tall order.
Luckily, Maver more than knows what it’s doing and, as a result, the Armageddon is an extremely impressive unit.
To start off with, you get a lot of kit for your money. As well as the full 16 metres of pole there’s a match top kit, plus three power kits featuring Maver’s flow slots to accommodate a puller setup with up to size 20 elastics.

There’s also a cupping kit and cups, a mini extension to give you even more carbon to play with and everything is packaged in a hard-wearing, well-made Deluxe Maver holdall.

The top kits in the package allude to the fact that this pole isn’t just a commercial carp cruncher. The Armageddon is as much at home battling carp on the power top kits as it is dinking out canal roach on the match top kit. And in both cases it feels perfectly designed for the task in hand.

Most anglers who will buy an Armageddon will probably be using it at 13 metres or less, day-to-day. Out over the water at that length it’s light (312g), stiff and feels plenty strong enough. Add the 14.5m extension to chase the fish and the weight obviously increases.

However, for the money you’ll have a smile on your face at the feel of the pole, while at the full 16 metres – or even more with the short extension in place – this is no backbreaker and can be comfortably fished for hour after hour.

Lookswise, it’s not lairy nor too subdued, meaning you’ll have a pole that looks classy and not anonymous – you want your mates to know that you’re packing some serious carbon out on the bank after all.

Also adding to the looks and the function is a special paint finish for easy slide shipping, even when wet, which really does complete a smooth package.

Overall the Armageddon works to combine a comprehensive amount of equipment with a central unit that really is extremely good for the money. It’s a package that’s perfect for the pleasure angler who wants the feel of a top-quality pole – something that the Armageddon provides all the way through – but without bursting through to the realms of big-money units. Very impressive indeed.

Price: £699.99

Website: www.maver.co.uk


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